Conv Rear Seat Removal, and top hydraulics replacement.

My 89 when I got it top is in bad shape from the hydraulics to the top. I am going to replace the motor and the cylinders look shot too. Should I spend the 100 for new lines? Also any tips when replacing the cylinders?

How do I get the rear seat back out!?!? The bottom came out no trouble. Any help advice tips or Pictures would be great with this project
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Got the back seat out. Has anyone replaced the lift cylinders!?? I removed the interor panel and it looks like a PIA to replace them. Reason I want to replace is there is ATF everywhere and I suspect the seals in the cylinders gave out.

I got a used pump off E-Bay for 20 dollars figgured it was worth trying first, mine might not be bad. But there is ATF everywhere.