Convertible Top Problems

Okay here is the deal. For some odd reason my top will not come back up. I hit the switch and you hear a clicking noise in the rear and nothing happens. I have looked in the Chiltons book and have found nothing that is helping me trouble shoot. Can anyone help me out?
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i actually never saw a convertible apart yet but i have a few ideas.
if you only hear the click on the way say something may be binding on the movement of the top on the way up. if the motor cant move it, it may be "clicking" gears in the motor cause it cant move.
id 1st check to see if the top moves freely on the way back up or if its catching anywhere. then id check the motor for the top. there may be a worn spot on a gear. i would assume lowering the top would be less hard on the motor than the initial start of raising it back up.
just some things i would check
good luck
The convertible top motor is a hydraulic system; the motor is a fluid pump that powers rams that propel the top up, and pull it back down. It could be you have lost all or most of your hydraulic fluid. Was the top sluggish in raising up before this? That might indicate a leaky pump, might be time for a new top motor, or hopefully just the addition of some fluid(though I don't know off the top of my head where a fill location is, and I imagine you would have to bleed air out of the system).
one of these days im gonna get a good look at one lol
anyway i did some looking and here is a link that deals with the same problem you have. sounds like fluid like freakntiger says. there is one of them that mentions a way of putting fluid in too.
good luck
Okay I after reading my original post I really didnt give anyone information on what was wrong. Yesterday I put the top down going to work taking advantage of the great weather we have been having. When I got to work I went to hit the switch to put the top up and there was no motor noise or anything. I heard a click when I activated the switch like it was giving power to a relay. I pulled back the motor cover and all that today and looked back there besides no room to work with there was suprisngly few components back there to worry about. I will be checking my fuse panel today to make sure that is not the problem Is there anyway to check the relays in the rear with out having to replace them? I hope this clears up any gray area I left with the previous post.
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I believe there is an old(not too old) post about this I will try to e-mail it to you if its still in my file. Something about a fusible link I believe. Your motor and the hydraulics are probably fine, I have seen many posts about this, do a search. I remember HISSIN50 was one of the guys in the thread disscussing the fusible link. I will go back and read, check wiring diagrams.