coupe spoiler, discuss


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Dec 25, 2007
New York
I found these pics on Corral, thought I'd share. I personally love the way it looks. What do you think?



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looks like an attempt at a ducktail spoiler off of the termi/ 05+ cars
it isnt "ugly" but i dont think id run it if i had a coupe.
One of the guys over on four-eyed pride mocked up one that looked much nicer than that on his notch. Yeah the molded in look doesn't work but what hurts it the must is that it has a FLAT horizontal shape at the top. I'd have given it a little curve to match the trunk lid shape. I have also been working on a decklid spoiler for the notch and have been talking with my fiberglass guy in AZ about this. I think if you had the OEM look of a 2007 GT500 rear spioler but shaped and fit nicely onto a notch following the body lines it would look great. I'd also angle the sides of the spoiler in at the top with a little more radius at the top corners. Just looks like a slab on the car. You could also make the spoiler a 1 piece instead of the 3-piece and have it overhang the trunklid a little to look cleaner.