cracked oil cooler

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An idiot friend of mine cracked the oil cooler on one of our other friends 98 GT. I cannot find one ANYWHERE..i even put an ad in the WTB section of the classifieds.. If i can't find one, what can i put in its place?
Remove it. The later model Mustangs don't have it. Its use for a street car is marginal at best. Besides, they frequently leak.

Use an oil filter adapter from a later model Romeo 2001+ Mustang, Crown Vic, or Grand Marquis.

I have an extra one in my shop.
My 96 had an oil cooler. It leaked. New giant O-ring fixed it right up.

OBTW, the oil cooler used in police vehicles is different. It much longer and is bolted to the side of the block. In fact, there is a special boss on the block to mount it.