crackling exhaust sound! what do you think?


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Apr 16, 2003
ive been getting this crackling exhaust sound. it strangs. at first i thought it might be one of the cats going bad or somthing. however, it seems to be comming from the magnaflow muffler on the pass. side of the car. i tried to listen and that is the best i could come up with.

maybe the insides are getting ruined or somthing? what do you think?

car only has 11,000 miles i forget when the catback went on but mabye they it been on for 7,000 miles.
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yea it dont really bother me ill just wait till it gets real messed up and change it. weird sound though. i know the magnaflows are packed with all kinds of crap, just wodering if somthing cams loose in there.