Crown Vic disc brake rear end


start with the upper hole, and if more traction is
May 1, 2005
7200 feet
i am trying to ID a rear end that came out of a 91 crown vic. it has disc brakes, but i dont know the differences in newer axles. i could tell you if it was an 8" or 9", but obviously it is not. 8.8? 7.5? what can i look for to identify it? the housing itself is no good, because an axle tube is bent and twisted, but i think the gears/axles/disc brakes are all good.

any help is appreciated. ill post some pics up later to help.
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8.8 in the Vic. Should be a 10 bolt cover.

If possible I would like to know the length of the axles. Im curious if the disc or the slightly older 10x2.5 drum axles will slide into my fox rear end. Im looking for a wider track so I can use a set of 05 GT takeoffs.
ill post up some pics later today if it does not rain. the tag on the diff cover says 8.8 3.08. its posi and disc brakes! woot! anyone want it?