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mine does but Im oem... I busted out laughing at your progress thread, been there for 25 years now with "my build", LOL
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The one on my '92 works, and seems to work well. It went through many tests from Co. Springs to ATL right after I bought the car and most recently from ATL to So. Cali. There sure are some stretches out west here that I set it and it stayed for what seemed like hours!
Well... Mine used to work.. :confused: Was out and about today, but when I tried to cruise I got nothing...

This isn't anything particular crucial in my book, but when chugging on the highway I find that cruise control is a good way for me to avoid johnny lawman.. And since everything else on the car still works, I kinda tend to feel like once I let one of these things go unfixed, it's going to signal the beginning of the end, and I'll let more stuff slide after that.. So I don't want that to happen!

This was working not long ago, and I don't see how it would be related to my recent little fender bender last week? Don't know much about the cruise control but hopefully I can find some trouble shooting details on the interweb.. So it looks like I've now got a project this weekend.