Custom Burnt Diablo Chip... Need Help.


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Nov 6, 2001

I am going to order a custom burnt Diablo Chip for my 95 on Mon. Its gonna be burnt for my mods and its gonna eliminate the shift retard between shifts, fix my hanging RPMs between shifts and I also want if to turn on my fan sooner.

I have a 180 thermostat. What temp should I set the fan to come on? I was thinkin on=195 off=185? Does that sound right?

Also, do the custom chips work well??? I know my crappy EEC is holding my combo back..

Thanks..................... :banana:
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VibrantRedGT said:
Even if they have your mods it won't be the same as burning it on a dyno. Find a reputable local tuner.

I talk to the guys at Dallas Mustang little while ago. Very help for and honest.... they told me the chip won't be an exact to my stang like the dyno, but that they can still do the fixes to my EEC. So I went ahead and ordered it.

I should have better throttle response, my fan will run sooner, and the shift retard will be gone. Also, the car should idle better...
OutLawSE said:

Why isn't your car running???? Did it blow?

Head gasket driver's side.

All I had to do was drive it easy for 400 miles to break in the clutch. Then bring it for a free dyno tune. But NO I had to get on it a few times. This is what the carnage is of my stupidity.

Head gasket fried 6-11-03.jpg

By the way it happend a long time ago, where you been? Just haven't had the time to put it back together.
I have also learned that sometimes our computers can actually eventually over ride the chip after so many miles because it will actually compensate for it. Thats why I only use mine to get rid of the limiter only.
I never got the chip. I scraped the idea and got a Vortech instead.
However :( , 3 weeks after the Vortech install my car got hit and it was declared totalled.

I am currently building another car with my TFS parts. Should be done soon.