Dash Kits (carbon fiber)


New Member
Mar 22, 2004
I've been looking into buying a dash kit that overlays. Specifically black carbon fiber. I've seen a few examples. Do any you have pictures of dash kits? What has been your experience with the product you bought? Any recommendations?

I'm looking at the full 18 piece set. Installation is done with 3m tape. I have a black 2004 gt, installed the tri-ax and topped it with a black carbon fiber shift knob, the carbon fiber motif seems to fit. Any pictures would be welcome.
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I got mine off of ebay for a total of $135.00. That included shipping and it was an 18 piece brushed aluminum. I still have to recieve it(maybe on tues?) so I don't know how it really is but it's cheap, easy to install, and it covers more area than so of the better kits. Hopefully it will last! lol