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Mar 29, 2020
I have been looking at a radio for my II. It has a 70's pioneer cb/am/fm radio that died within a week of bench testing and having it working in the car. I tried to get it updated but since it is the cb model the rebuilders I found online wont touch it. The cb is the only part that actually works now and that's pretty useless for me. Looked cool but I guess it's time to move on.

The dash is original and uncut. I will not cut the dash. The only choices I can find are Custom Auto Sound and Retro Radio. Neither of which actually fit our dash. You still have to use that spacer to fill the gap left on top of the radios from what I can tell.

I have a friend who purchased the Custom Auto Sound USA 230 last year for his Cutlass and he hates it. He calls it chinese junk. Said it feels cheap. The knobs feel cheap. The radio was too light to have any amp. It is underpowered and the sound is not "clean". He feels he overpaid and warned me to stay away from them. Granted it's their cheapest model so the 630 or 740 may be better. I found reviews on Amazon and the average is 2.9 out of 5.

I don't know anyone with one of the Retro Radios. Reviews are similar and I see complaints of having to assemble the kit. I don't mind assembling it. I just want it to work.

I have an old school jensen amp and a small sub already installed.

Does anyone have direct experience with any of the above radios? Any other choices I have not found?
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I ran into the same issue. I ended up with this one. No cutting. You will need the amp. And a sub is great. I'll go and find the info in a moment. Waiting for the snow to let up.


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I have been running a Custom Autosound radio in one car for decades. I bought a recent one for my latest project, and compared to a Sony deck, it seemed overpriced. But, a short run of non DIN radios is going to cost more, and of course, it’s made to specs in China like almost everything else.
An option is a Bluetooth amp under the dash or seat (one about the size of a fluorescent light ballast sounded good when I was debating what to get) and run it off your phone. You can keep your CB and look in place with new sound.
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Just received the radio. Still sitting on the kitchen table. My first impression unboxing it is the pictures online do not do it justice.

The images I have seen show the gap at the top as well as the static digits being very prominent. The radio I received has a built in filler piece that hides the gap and the numerals are obviously there but they are much less prominent than what the images show.

Enzio, It's a good thing I haven't bolted the dash pad down. I have been waiting on a dash cap and since I received one with the radio it's on the to do list as well.
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I have installed 3 or 4 stereos in different II's over the years. Never did it from the top until now. It is sooooo much easier. An ac car may be harder from the top but non ac cars its very roomy up there.

Stereo sounds good. It's hooked up to an 80's Jensen amp and cheap speakers. It gives plenty or noise for now. Bluetooth works fine. Numerals on display are visually invisible once on. I ordered from CAR and the one I received is set up out of the box for II's. They have the spacer built in and the odd mounting stands have spacers included. Have not driven around in it yet but I installed the carpet jamming to 80's metal!
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Glad it’s working. :nice:
I think I have a 230 waiting for another project to get assembled. I should have bought a Bluetooth model, but the aux jack will work with a cord to an iPod or an adapter for an iPhone. Or I can use a small Bluetooth adapter from Amazon. And on that car, even with add on AC, there is still not much under the radio pod or rest of the dash.
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