Dash lights on 67 Mustang

Hey guys just went to install instrument panel and my lights will only work when I hit the bright light switch, not correctly but they do light up....and I cannot dim them with the reostat on the light switch. They were working before and not sure what happened in the mean time.
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Sep 23, 2009
Epps, LA
Sounds to me like the only reason they work with the bright light switch is because that is a really bright bulb and the gauges near it get some of that light off of it, your dash lights are out all together, you either have a short somewhere or a bad connection. Take the gauge panel out and wiggle the main connector, if that don't work you will have to look deeper...perhaps the headlight switch may have a bad lug on it or the reostat is bad in your headlight switch, in fact I would probably just go to AutoZone, pick up a 20 dollar headlight switch and try that first since its easy to take out...