Differential Removal

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Hey I have the whole rearend out of the car and I'm trying to remove the diff/gears so
I can get the axle tubes welded and the whole housing powdercoated before I rebuild it. I've never removed one before I'm looking for a good write up or directions on how to get the diff out. I have the pinion shaft out and the axles removed. I have the nut removed from the pinion gear on the outside of the rearend housing, and the bearing caps are removed. What do I do now to get the whole unit out? I'm putting in an Auburn posi but I want to reuse the gears since they are in great shape and I don't want to kill anything getting the diff out. Thanks.
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I'll have to go buy a pry bar and see if i can get it. I tried using my breaker bar as a pry bar, but it doesn't have enough length on it. It just seems like the bearings are stuck in the grooves and won't budge.
Ok i bought a pry bar and used it and the diff. popped right out. Thanks for the help guys. Now, do I need to do anything special to get the pinion gear out? Or will a couple good whacks with a hammer/mallet do the trick?
mine just fell out cuz the bearing was weak lol. might have to use maybe a rubber mallet or one of them plastic dead blow hammers. should pop right out. but make sure you dont hit it too hard and it flys out and does some carnage to the splines.
I finally got it out. It was stuck in there like a mother. The last person to install the gears etc on this thing did a really nice job. The whole rear end has now been completely disassembled. Next week I'm going to get the axle tubes on the outside and the control arm mounts welded up a bit better and then take the whole thin in for sandblasting and powder coating. I'll have to post pics when it's done.