Digital Video Cams


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Apr 6, 2003
Tampa Palms, FL
I am looking into getting a digital video camera. I have been doing the digital still camera thing for a while but Im not real up on video cams yet. I want something that I can easily use to upload vids to my computer much like I do with the stills. I heard that a firewire is needed for this? What is a good camera? I need something under $300. I have been looking at the JVC miniDV GRD350U that cost around $255.
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Firewire is your friend, it makes editing a breeze, and is the main format that the big software makers use for video capture.

firewire cards are super cheap, that's assuming your pc doesn't have the ports on the motherboard.

Cameras that rely on a USB connection generally are annoying when editing, since apps like FinalCut, Premiere, etc won't support their capture method, so you have to capture the footage first, using a proprietary app, and then import into the editing prog.

One feature to look for as well, is a DV camera that has composite inputs, so you can plug a external/bullet cam into it.


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Aug 6, 2004
yea i recommed that you use firewire (super fast transfer) and you will need a firewire card to be placed in one a pci slot on your motherboard. its really simple. then also stick with MiniDV it has the best quality of all and its super easy to edit on your comp. and video files are HUGE.

1. MINI DV CAMERA (sony or canon)
2. Firewire Cord, if not included
3. PCI slot firewire card
4. 120 GB+ Hard Drive would be plenty (internal) much quicker