Dinging When Door Opens

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My car dings if the door is open, regardless of whether or not the key is in the ignition or the lights are on. Is this normal?

No. It's the ignition switch. If you wiggle it while the chime is on you should be able to turn it off. On mine I can remove the key just before the ignition switch is in the off position and as a result the chime comes on when the door is opened. If I rotate the switch counter clockwise just a hair the chime turns off.
The sensor that sets off the chime is held on by a cheap plastic clip onto the outside of the ignition lock. In my case, the clip broke and I had to tape it back on.

I can also remove my key while the engine is running; it all depends on the key. If my key is freshly cut, I can't pull it out of the ignition until it's off. After a few months, no problem.
I have the opposite problem. Mine doesn't ding most of the time even with the key in and the engine running. :D

Trade ya...

I thought it was just mine. Knew what the problem was, but didn't feel like investing the energy to fix it (or kill it completely). Mine's pretty intermittent. Stupid thing may or may not have dinged yesterday when I left my headlights on when I got to work. If it did, I ignored it, because it just does that...

Nothing more thrilling than getting to the car after one of those days and
1) Key fob doesn't unlock doors...:(
2) NOTHING happens when I turn the key...must be some corrosion on the posts (been meaning to take care of that...):nonono:
3) Still no start. Go get a new battery (this one's 4 years old, must be time for a new one)...hook it up, and viola! Little bulb under the hood comes on, AND SO DO THE HEADLIGHTS.:mad::mad::mad:

Come to think of it, I'm gonna go rip that dinger out right now.
Careful, that box the dinger is in also controls your turn signals and who know what else. I just unplugged mine to stop the dinger while I was detailing my car and when I went to drive it, none of my turn signals worked. I had to plug it back in.

I like the dinger to remind me the lights are on or a door is open, but I would like to somehow rig it so the key thing doesn't activate it anymore. One of you wiring gurus let us know what to do to completely eliminate the key sensor from the system.
IIRC mine still functions for the lights but no other times. I disconnected the leg that goes to the lock cylinder.
Black/pink I think. You should test this with your meter or check the wire color at the lock cylinder (this is where I disconnected mine) to be sure.
I stopped my door open dinger by putting a small stip of electrical tape over the metal trace/contact in that harness under the dash. I did this many, many years ago, probably about 13 or so. I heard you can cut a certain wire going into that box/harness under the dash but I just taped it so it could be removed and put back to dinging again.

I can take a look later today and let ya know which wire it is.

EDIT: Found this info in an old post on Corral...

Just unplug the wiring harness that attaches to the white box looking thing near your center console. Get under the dash and look up. This will turn off the door chime and the chime that happens when you put in the key.

If you want just the door chime off, cut the black wire with the purple stripe, that attaches to the wiring harness on the white box. Make sure to tape up the ends of the wire so you don't short anything out.

...but instead of cutting the wire I unplugged the harness and used electrical tape over the metal connection for that black/purple stripe wire then plugged the harness back together.