disconnecting battery ? & i got supercharger

06 roush

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Jun 20, 2006
on an 06 gt is it ok to disconnect the battery for 2 or 3 weeks ? was just wondering if it would lose the memory in the computer and not start when reconnected . i ask because i disconnected mine to remove the exhaust manifolds to have them jet hot coated . and the car will be apart till i get the manifolds back in a couple of weeks . also got a polished magnacharger . while it is up in the air i got the intercooler componants installed . i cant do the supercharger yet because the directions say the program needs to be installed before the supercharger .before you say why didnt you just get headers i chose not to do the headers because the gains they produce on these cars dont out way the headachs of headers .just my thoughts . thanks for any input
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No one wants the responsibility of answering. :)

Honestly I don't know. It shouldn't completely revert to stock programming, that's for sure. It's like a computer's bios, once flashed, it might lose certain settings at power loss, but retains the base functions.

Any throttle-by-wire and AF tweaks the computer does from "learning" would be lost for sure.

But I know lots of guys with older OBD1 computers killed the power on purpose to reset it. Not sure if OBD2 computers have an internal battery or not.
Yeah, like Q said you will only lose the adaptive part of the memory, but the factory tune will still be in place. After you fire it back up it will re-learn everything all over again. Also don't freak out when the idle doesn't immediately return to normal after the first fire up, that is just lesson number one, and it will settle down after a minute or so.