Disconnecting the Factory Alarm


Oct 10, 2004
My car came with the factory Viper alarm. The previous owner claims was draining the battery, the alarm doesn't work and I don't think it has in a long time. Can I just cut the red power wire and tape off the ends to disable the alarm or is it more involved than that? I don't know if the alarm is wired into the ignition or something.
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Alarms usually are wired into the ignition. My 89 GT had a Viper that also did not work. I just pulled the module out, tucked the wires out of the way, and forgot about it.

My SVO has a Clifford that actually does work, but its a PITA when it auto-arms and then goes off while I'm working on it. I just pull the fuse and its like there is no alarm at all.

Also, I didnt know there were any factory alarmsin Fox3s......were they dealer-installed?
I'm not sure it was a Factory alarm, I think I misunderstood. It may have been dealer-installed, I'd have to check the receipts I have to verify. Can I just trace the wires from the alarm to the control module? What am I looking for and how exactly am I removing the alarm?
The module is probably just a black plastic box under the driver's side dash or kick panel that says Viper on it. Depending on how well it was installed, its probably zip-tied to something if not just hanging loose. Mine was loose, so I just unplugged it. Ideally you trace all the wires to their tie-in points, remove everything, and insulate any exposed wires.