Does anyone have this exterior/interior combo? Just decoded body tag...

I recently bought an 89 notch and I love it. Its a salvage title and the color of the car is white. After a while I was curiuos to what colors were under the paint. Turns out the doors are from 1 of 1,008 vibrant red 1993 cobras with grey leather interior. The rear quarters are the Emerald Green color (Rare in the notch) 1991-92 only with under 1500 produced. But I wanted to know what the car originally was. And this is what I found from the buck tag from behind the headlight....

production # 1989 102,192 # of sedans made in 89 with this

color were 575
Date feb 20, 1989

Medium shadow blue metallic

Smoke gray interior

5.0L Coupe 5 spd pl,pw,ac,cruise, map light

Anyone have anything close to this? Is this a pretty rare color/combo? Any imput is appriciated.:flag:
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Mustangs were made in '87 and '88 in medium shadow blue metallic as well, but not in large numbers. I think there were roughly 1,000 5-liter notchbacks total made in this color according to my book. Your is probably the only one with Cobra doors however :D