Dog Gonnit not again....


Please ask me how much my supercharger cost
Apr 6, 2004
Texas City TX
So driving to the movies tonight i noticed that my rpms were stickin when i would shift, like id shift and the rpm's would raise up about 200 rpms, sick for a few seconds then fall

When i idle the rpms fluctuate like i have some mad cam, i could of sworn i had a vacuum leak but i checked all the vacuum hoses i know of (the one that leads from the driver side head to the intake, and a couple others and didnt see a vacuum leak but it was nighttime so i could have been wrong. The rpms will drop down to about 400 then raise back up to like 1200 then back down

Now, I replaced my IAC valve about a year ago, 2 weeks ago i replaced 4 of my spark plugs along with the coils on each of those spark plugs.

Also when i downshift it backfires, its never done this before....

Im clueless...the only idea i can think of is a vacuum leak....
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here is a cheap idea, drill a small hole in a penny and put it in the hose right before your IAC.. if your car doesnt idle drill a little bigger hole... i will get flammed for this.. but it"s worth a try... hell its only a $0.01 shot... try it..