Doing brakes need advice for bleeding


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Dec 8, 2009
Hemet, CA
Whats the best way to bleed the brake system?. I'm going to be buying Russell speed bleeders since I have no one to help me. I will be taking everything off down to the steering knuckle. I'm basically doing an overhaul- new hubs, new rotors, pads, and prob will replace the rubber parts inside the caliper. I've been searching a lot in old posts and it seems like a lot of people run into problems when bleeding their brakes. I just want to do it right the first time and wanted to see what you guys had to say in this matter?
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they say open the bleeders before compressing the pistons on all the late models so you dont force brake fluid back into the anti--lock system ! keep an eye on the master cylnder making sure it doesnt run low some paper towels or rags under it ..... brake fluid can affect some items paint rubber & other stuff ..... I open the bleeders now on all brake work its easy & a good idea :nice:
Using speed bleeders is the best and you are already planning on doing that so you should be good.

Also, just use MC Dot3 do not be tempted to use some mad tyte brake fluid. You will need two bottles.