Don't waste your money on speed bleeders


New Member
Dec 8, 2009
Hemet, CA
Like the title says don't do it. Just spent 20 something dollars on 2 sets. They are a pos. They didn't work at all. Did some research after I bought them (good idea) and read an article saying that about 50% of the time they don't work. Just get someone to pump the brakes while you bleed your brakes the old fashioned way. It really isn't that hard.
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I don't feel they are necessary. I bleed my brakes alone, with a jar and a hose. When you crack a bleeder and press the pedal, fluid flows out but doesn't pull back.

I have bleed my brakes dozens of times alone this way
I have an Apex power bleeder. Best investment ever. I can blled and flush the system and not wory about the ABS pump. I highly reccomend them if you do more then one brake job a year. :)
I did exactly what the man. recommends. Opened 1/4 to half turn attached a hose to it and put it in a bottle with brake fluid and pumped the brakes. All it kept doing was pushing air. The bubbles never stopped. The pedal felt like like ish the whole time. Finally I said F it and just put the stock bleeders on and got someone to pump the brakes for me. Should of just done that in the first place.
Why was it constantly pushing air out? The pedal never stiffened up. It went down like the clutch pedal the entire time.

It sounds like you may not be doing it right. I know a few people who have them on their cars and do not have any issue at all.

I don't have them because I have no need for them. Not worth spending the extra money when you can just have someone help you.