door hinges broken?!?


No matter where I go, it's like everyone's like, "
Dec 12, 2007
lacey, nj
so here is my LOVELY problem.. yay =] anywho.. so like sometimes i close my door to my car & it flys back at me like trying to attack me & its like deathly sometimes... but erhm, like it doesn't want to shut i changed all of my door pins & its like WTF it still attacks me... so like wen i went back to tennessee my brother did a ****ty job welding the top hinge back on (it was like kinda broken lol) && like i THINK i could be wrong but i think that the like the bushing doesn't like the hole because it is too big lmfao... but do you think if i weld a plate on there so that the hole is small again that it will work with no problems?
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lol well its raining right now... but tomorrow ill take some pictures of it & idk if i like posted this in the wrong section or wut but i felt it was important enough to be in here. so ill have pics tomorrow
well whats that supposed to mean, because im not 16 yrs old... so i'd like to know what this means?

like it just like means like that you like say the like word like like alot && alot && alot alot :p

we dont get this type of language around here a lot so bear with makes things very hard to understand when you're reading through a bunch of "LIKES" and "&&s" :D

i have nothing else to contribute. but you did post in the right section of the forums
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lol & there is the pictures of my door for ya to look at so you can see what im talking about... the door doesnt exactly line up perfectly when you shut it. and someone said if i weld a peice of metal over the one part of the bottom pin since its ovaly/bigger then it should be i should be fine so its a smaller hole for the pin but i figured id talk to you guys before i acted... so what do ya think?
Wow. He really focked up that door, hun. From what I can tell it also seems to have a few spots of rust, I'd WD40 the door first off.

Second, when you mean it doesn't line up correctly are you saying it sags down? I had a problem like that when I first bought my car. I ended up replacing the bushings and I believe one of the hinges. I can take a look when I get home.
Looks like in this pic it's hitting high on the catch and actually deforming the metal

That too. I'm not sure if the door is able to actually close correctly. Which may be causing the door to not properly shut. You REALLY do need to fix this. I don't want to come on here and hear about how your door opened while you where driving and someone hit it or it hit another car, or you fell out of your car going around a corner (Happened to me once, long story lol)

How exactly do you close this door? Do you have to lift up and push into hard?
its funny actually, because it depends on the weather lol
like if its nice out i can just shut it normally, but if its nasty out sometimes it doesnt wanna close normally, it'll make me lift it by the trim to shut it & its not fun... lol when i had my old chipped paint i'd just kick it shut & if it was nice outside id hop in & out the window like dukes of hazzard stylee