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Jan 17, 2003
San Jose, CA
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okay, exhaust time is coming up and i am asking if anyone has any opinions, information, or currently run these products together.

I am thinking about running hooker comp long tube headers on my 289. This is on my 1968 coupe.

Also, i am planning on running side exhuasts. There are these two kits that run Spintech mufflers.

the first one is from Mustang Depot in LV, CA


buy straight from Dr. Gas
Dr. Gas side exhaust

and run their X-scream universal X-pipe kit
Dr. Gas X - pipe

Also, from the subframe perspective, since this won't be a track car, I think Global West Subs are fine for my application
Blobal West Subs

thougha lot of people might just say buy the Maier Sub connectors, but i think i've decided on the Global Wests.

You guys see any problems with my setup? Clearance probably and also, what size pipes should I run? (2.5" or 3") I'll be beefing up the intake with a Weiand stealth and a demon carb 4 barrel in the future.

thanks in advance :D
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Dec 15, 2003
Cecil County, MD
Side exit + Subframe = almost no ground clearance (in most cases).

Pipe size is determined by power level of the motor. 2.25 is more than adequate for a warmed up street motor (IMO) you couild step up to 2.5 pipes but only if you are making alot of power out of you 289.

This is something I lifted out of some research paper I found on line a few years ago

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