DSS 306 base bullit..neone ever have trouble?I do


New Member
Jul 24, 2003
Well a shop around me that only deals in mustangs...CJ Pony parts..had my car up on the lift and hes sure that its an engine problem...probalby bottom end..a bearing of some sort..it knocks very rarely.... Also theres grit in my oil...
My warrenty was actually 6 months a day ago, but i mean the problem was heard awhile back...so i dunno..anyone ever have trouble with dss blocks, and if they deal with you in a good manner? or do they screw ya over...
this really sucks..i got this block because everyone said they were the best..
anyway...we took our time putting this stuff in, everythign to torque specs..ntohign shoudl be wrong by us...but...it is a bottom end noise..so its probably a problem from them..i dunno...
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