E-bay car I found, make me wonder!


Jul 12, 2006
I decided to surf e-bay last night just to see what kind of money the Fox's are going for right now. I am considering selling mine to buy a newer one (03 or 04 car). I found this one that was somewhat of a red flag to me but was getting bids. Guy claims super low miles and garaged kept but if you look at the car it just looks old. It has super hazed headlights and the motor is pretty dirty for a car with such low claimed miles. I myself have never seen that color a stock ford Mustang color. Keep in mind though, I have been a Fox Mustang guy for a long time but I dont know everything.

He was asking 11k for the buy it now price. I messaged him and asked him if he would take a pic of the VIN from the dash so I could compare it to the the one he listed and he never e-mailed back. What do you guys think? I don't want to buy it or anything but I hate rip off artists!!

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It's tough to tell, but either way 11.5 is way too much for that car. As far as appearance, it could be low mileage or not. Take my car for example. It's an 86 and only has 59Koriginal miles on the clock. But it's 22 years old with stock paint and interior etc. and it looks pretty rough at the moment. (See my progress thread for pics) If he wouldn't send the VIN back though he was probably trying to pull something over.
I am very hesistant to buy a car online with the obligation to buy it before I actually see it, drive it. I have sold a few cars and bikes online and had good luck. I guess it makes me feel better knowing that I am 100% honest in my descriptions. I have not have one person tell that it was not as advertised.
Couldn't the guy at least clean the floor mats and carpet?????????????????

Damn, 11.5.....that means I'm not crazy if I ask 10K for my 91 notch in excellent condition....original 4cyl car, but who cares.
These ad's always makes me laugh. That car isn't worth 11. This person must be pulling something or is insane.

I honestly wouldn't pay more than 3 for this car. You know as soon as you got the vin and ran car fax on it, it would have far more miles than claimed and I wouldn't doubt that it had been in an accident or stole at one point.
the guy could atleast replace the carpet and clean the seats and whatnot.....that guy is out of his mind trying to sell the pos like that. I bought my 89 gt with 98000 miles and the interior is like brand new still.....what a joker:rlaugh: