e information/build specifications


New Member
Jan 18, 2019
Hi everyone.

I am trying to buy a 2008 Shelby Mustang GTC.

I understand that this car is number 50 of a limited edition Mustang that was supplied to Southern California dealers. The car was originally bright orange with a silver stripe. Black leather interior. There is a Shelby plaque on the top of the front panel reference/ CSM number 08SGT0050. There is a Saleen supercharger fitted with a red air filter. I think this is a stage one conversion producing approx 470 hp

The car has wire bonnet wires to secure the hood.

If anyone could provide any info on this car. Would be appreciated. Any idea of value in theUSA. The car is immaculate. Been wrapped in Matt black from new. Covered less than 3000 miles.

Many thanks

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