What Is My '86 T-top Hatchback Rolling Chassis W/ Cobra Irs Worth?

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Dec 24, 2005
Hey guys,

My father and I are currently building a Factory Five Type 65 coupe and we just finished getting everything we need out of my 1986 Mustang GT donor car. We are now ready to try and sell what's left of the car and I know someone that's interested but I'm not really sure what kind of price I should be asking for.

First, a few things about the car...

The car is an '86 GT with T-Tops and a little over 75K original miles on the body. I put a 2004 Cobra IRS rear end with QA1 shocks into it back in 2009, and it has a a 5 lug conversion with '94/'95 spindles w/ Cobra big brakes all around .To be honest though, the rear-end could probably use a rebuild with some new bearings. It also has 9" black Bullitt wheels and a custom modified '86/'04 combination Flowmaster exhaust system (to accommodate the IRS). In the pictures it kind of looks like a single exhaust but it is a true dual exhaust but the left side hanger broke on me so I took the left side of the exhaust off for now. I also recently had the fuel guage sending unit repaired after it broke a few years ago, works like new now. Also installed Maximum Motorsports caster/camber plates. The suspension is stock for the most part except for the QA1 shocks that came with the IRS when I bought it.

*The car is currently wired for an 87+ computer with an MAF setup, it is no longer wired for a speed density setup*
** Has an aftermarket Viper alarm system with remote and trunk/hatch popper**


I redid the interior with new carpeting, headliner, and dash cover. The carpeting in the hatch is still original however, and the spare tire/jack is missing. The seats aren't in the greatest shape and need to be reupholstered. Right now they have seat covers on them which were originally black but faded in color as the years went by. I installed a new heater core while I had the dash out, heat worked great last time we had the car running. I was never given any keys for the locks on the T-Tops. I always just keep them unlocked but it shouldn't be too hard to find someone with the same lock numbers that could send you a copy of the key(s). I have had people accidentally lock them on me in the past but they are extremely easy to pick back open. I installed an aftermarket radio with adjustable coloring (wanted the radio color to match the orange dash lights) w/ new speakers and also a new map light. I restored the door panels to the best of my ability and both power windows work as well.


T-TOPS!!!!! - a little leaky but I loved having them; awesome on a nice day.
The exterior definitely needs some work but it's not too bad. There are some scratches on the left rear quarter panel and a few dings and scratches by right rear wheel wheel. The front bumper looks kind of messed up especially on the passenger side but I have a brand new front bumper that I will include with the car.

I have full-length sub-frame connectors for the car as well but never got around to getting them installed.


Cobra brake calipers (front only)
Steering rack & pinion
Steering column/shafts
Gas tank w/ filler
Fuel filter
Charcoal canister
Various engine sensors
Fuel inertia cut-off switch
A/C components

I also have a bunch of engine parts available as well that I may include with the car or sell separately:
GT40P heads
GT40 (Explorer) upper and lower intakes (powdercoated matte black)
Ford Racing shorty headers
Ported stock '86GT (e7te?) heads

Hurst short-throw shifter

So now that I've told you all about it, here are some pictures:


















The car is certainly going to be a project for whoever wants it but it shouldn't take much to get it back on the road. I really loved this car a lot and I'm sad to see her go but I'd much rather use the parts to build my father's dream car with him instead of trying to finish this project.

The Cobra IRS is the main reason that I'm not sure what sort of price i should ask for. I paid 1500 for it back in 2008. Would I be better off selling the chassis and rear end separately or together? What kind of prices should I be asking for the rear end? How much is just the chassis worth? What would be a fair price for both together?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Right now I'm only asking what you guys think this thing is worth but if anybody thinks they might be interested send me a message. I'll probably have it up in the for sale section soon. I'm located in Southern NH just past the border of Massachusetts.
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For the roller as it sits? For someone to come haul it away? I think $2k would be top dollar but I would never expect to get that unless you found someone who's been waiting to find it.

Put a steering column and OEM style rack in it to make an actual rolling chassis then maybe more.

The IRS is kinda neat an all but it ends up being something else to work around.

The 5 lug conversion is a definite plus.
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