Early Mach 1 without lettering on trunk decal?


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Mar 4, 2020
Sonoma, CA
I have a '69 Mach 1 built 11-04-1968 that does not have the "Mach 1" lettering on the trunk decal.
The entire paint job is original, as the car sat in the original owner's garage for decades.
There is little wear or damage to the entire car, but maybe the decal peeled off and was replaced with a solid version.
The current decal is reflective, just without letters.

A pic of my car is attached, from when the original owner sold it.
And no, that's not my garage with particle-board shelving :)

I recall a Mach 1 book saying that the prototypes had some other arrangement but I don't recall the specifics.

Does anyone know if the early models were solid like mine?
Does anyone know when Mach 1s started rolling off the line?

Any thoughts are appreciated.


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