Eaton Blower

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The problem isn't the blower itself the problem is the lower manifold that it's attached to. As Tom Tom stated, the lower is set up to work with the '03-'04 Cobra heads and will not match up to the '96-'98 Castings. I suppose you could go with a complete custom lower intake manifold to make it work, or you could just swap out to the later model head castings. Either way, it's going to be expensive and involve a lot of work. :)

If you want a positive displacement blower on your '96 Engine, pretty much your only available route is through Kenne Bell. Be advised though, that this kit is going to be limited, since there are no provisions for an after cooler. To make big power, you'd either have to go with a water methanol injection set up, or invest in one of the Centrifugal blower designs.
thanks for the info guys... there goes that idea for my 4.6 swap on my conv. I guess i will just have to go with a procharger with intercooler then... i saw the kenne bell blower is about $5 large! I know i could pick up a used procharger for a decent price!!!