Ecu Adapting

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I've seen and heard about the computer learning and adapter for years.
While i believe it does, i don't think it's as drastic as it is perceived to be.

As for problems going away? That's not happening.
It should start up and run like stock.
Remember, many cars get built and go right on to the dyno.
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Once the computer memory is cleared by disconnecting the battery, the computer starts off with a clean slate state. Driving at highway speeds for 15-30 minutes sets the initial baseline for the sensor readings if they are all functioning correctly. The adaptive process continues after that until the computer power is disconnected and the process starts over again.

Clearing the codes by disconnecting the test jumper while the codes are dumping or pressing the clear button on the scanner will erase the stored codes, but will not erase the learned settings. Disconnecting the battery for several minutes will clear both codes and learned settings. It is best practice to disconnect the battery after installing any new sensor so that the computer will learn the new sensor settings.