EFI -->Carb, X-Celerator vs ported HO lower?


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Sep 9, 2000
Antelope Valley, SoCal
I'll admit up front that I hate asking how much power a certain mod/combo will get me, but I'm really curious and this is my first time. Here's a short background:

I built a new 5.0 for my '89 with flat top SpeedPros, Eddy 60379s, ported HO lower(not welded), and a Crane 2031 plus full 2.5 exhaust(Flows, O/R x-pipe, shorties). The new engine was pulled out of the '89 and is going to be used in my pre-smog '68 notch. I'll be using a Weiand X-Celerator and a Holley 600DP instead of EFI. I figured I would ask the EFI crowd because you all would know what my old combo's potential was. My question is:

How much more can I realistically expect with the carb setup and single plane intake over a ported, but not welded stock intake?
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