EFI to carb on my '87 GT NEED HELP


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Dec 20, 2009
Ok guys I need help on my carb conversion. My main issue is I don’t know what to do about the fuel system. I know I can’t use the stock pump because it is under way too much pressure for a carb. I am building the car on a budget and im thinking mechanical is the best way to go for me but would I need to make some kind of pickup? As for the rest I know I need to get a 85 cable, im gunna use a pro comp HEI distributor and a gm one wire alternator. Any help on this would be great! Thanks Jake
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Put in an adjustable fuel pressure regulator and use the stock pump. Turn it down to ~6psi and you'll be good to go. Sounds like you've got everything else figured out...I don't like the freakin' huge HEI setups, but they work.
Keep the EFI. I hate to see people rip it off and go carbed. And I love carbs. There is no good reason not to keep it on these cars. The stuff is cheap and easy to fix. The information to keep it running well is easy to find. It keeps the car more valuable.
Not just an adjustable fuel pressure regulator, it MUST be a bypass regulator, been there and messed that up. Or, you can drop the tank, and bypass the pump, that is easy to do, just make sure you get another screen.

There a a bunch $$$ of reasons to go carb, if you want to go fast. If you are fine with stock, sure EFI makes you real happy in the AM when you don't feel like pumping the pedal 2 times when money doesn't come into play. I know there are really fast EFI cars out there but lets be honest, (estaments, you can google actual prices) to go the same speed on a $200 intake and a $300 carb you have to drop $600 on a upper and lower intake, $400 injectors, $300 throttle body, $250 CAI, $200 Mass Air, $200-$1000 tune... EFI rocks, but cheap it ain't.
fuel pressure....

i put a cleveland in my 89 coupe..to get to fuel pressure down i installed a moroso fuel log and holley regulator to get to the required 6psi..i ran a high volume motorstors fuel pump in tank with the set up....(you will have to install the required washers in the log to get the pressure to about 15 or so them the holley reg will do the rest....and make sure you run the return to tank line to bypass fuel not used...