electrical problems up the a$$


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Sep 5, 2005
it seems as tho everything decided to fry at once, i found one culpret, one of the connections on the wiper switch was melted and burned, so that explains why the head lights flicker on and off....but the turn signal fuse constantly blows, would that have anything to do with the signals shorting out and blowing the fuse?? and the top switch just stopped working completely, hazards work but not the top...i replaced the whole top/haz switch along with a little bit of the wiring for the top because i saw it was cracked, but still doesnt work at all...and there is a wire that fell out of the connection plug, but i looked on the switch and it connects to nothing...its a blank spot...so wtf...so bascially i need any suggestions as to why my top switch quit workin and why the turn fuse keeps blowing...im terrible with wiring..so please any help will be greatly appreciated

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Mar 10, 2000
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