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Jul 18, 2002
S.A. Texas
Is there a difference between the computers in 5-speed and Automatic mass air cars? I did a mass air conversion, and went to a local hot rod store to purchase the A9L computer. I got it and installed it and everything, and it runs good, but recently we pulled a code for the 'neutral drive switch', which leads me to believe its for an automatic. (my car is 5-speed) Like I said, everything runs fine, but I was wondering if its the right computer. Any ideas?
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There is a difference between automatic and manual computers -- but the fact that you're getting a neutral error code assures you've got an A9L computer for a manual tranny car. Mine (the conversion) doesn't have the neutral switch wired up - so I get the same error code. For 10 years and 30K miles that error code has been showing - none the worse for wear.
yeah, you would probably have had to do some rewiring of the starter interlock circuit to use an auto puter (which arguably has better timing curves).

good luck.