Everyones stats and mods

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* Stock upper and lower control arms
* Roller Spring Perches
* Shelby A-arm drop
* KYB Gas-Adjust-shocks
* 620 1 inch drop springs
* 5 leaf mid eye drop springs
* TCP stage 1 subframe connectors
* Front torque boxes
* 4 wheel disc brakes (SSBC)
* Streetortrack adjustable Strut rods
* Export Brace and Monte Carlo Bar
* 1 1/8 Front Sway bar
* 3/4 rear sway bar


* 351 Cleveland stroked out to 408 Cubes
* AOD Transmission - 3k Stall, solid input shaft, B&M shift kit
* 3 inch Aluminum Driveshaft
* 57 Ford 9 inch rear with 4.11 Traclok gear set
* Griffin aluminum radiator
* Spal 16 puller fan
* 16 gallon fuel cell (not installed yet)
* 3 inch aluminized pipes with an x pipe to 3 inch in/out 2 chamber
Flowmaster mufflers then stepped down to 2.5 pipes bent over rear axle
* MSD 6a Ignition
* MSD Distributor
* MSD Blaster III coil


* Xenon style Halogen bulb upgrade
* Shelby style grill treatment
* Brushed Aluminum Gas Cap
* Ragoon Red Style paint with gold metallic fleck
* 17 x 8 inch Torque Thrust II wheels (4.75 backspacing)
* 235 45 17 Nitto 555 tires in the front
* 255 40 17 Nitto 555 tires in the rear
* GT valance with 2.5 chrome tips


* 2001 Bullitt Mustang High Back leather bucket seats
* JME Gauge Cluster
* Grant Steering Wheel
* Clarion Headunit
* T-lock shifter handle


Cost Spread Sheet: http://www.dodgestang.com/death trap.xls
I have about 5500 in the car. Aftermarket mods include my custom billet look-alike grill brought to you by Dremel. KYB gas adjusts, 1" front sway bar, poly bushings in front end, flowtech headers, 2.5" exhaust w/ magnapacks through GT valence, and uh....a fire-extinguisher... My car's pretty dang stock...gettin a cam in the next couple weeks though.
Although the original cost of my fastback was fair ($7,200) every single part and modification I've done so far has cost two or three times what I'd planned. For instance, I intentionally bought the car with the intent of building a Shelby clone. I added up the parts needed for the body before I even bought the car to make sure I could justify it, and I came up with $1600 more or less. I have (at last count) spent over $3700 on parts, materails and supplies just to do the body and I've done all the work myself! Next time you see someone asking $20,000 for a nice '67 Shelby clone and you think you could build it cheaper, think again. But what the hell, it's only money...
I've been needing to do this, so here goes... oh, BTW, everything is fresh since 2002, and we've put less than 300 miles on the car in the last 2 years. Also, anything with "in progress" after it means I've already got the stuff, it's just sitting in a box or on a shelf waiting for the right time to go in/on.

(borrowing Dodgestang's very thorough and tidy model)

1970 Mustang Mach 1, purchased for $1200 in 1988 (I was 15)


* shock towers replaced and reinforced (way back in 1989)
* Complete new torque boxes and floors, seam welded
* Stock upper and lower control arms
* PST polygraphite bushings throughout
* Pro-motorsports negative wedge 1.75" A-arm drop
* stock front springs with poly insulators
* stock power steering with poly rag joint and poly idler bushing
* Monroe-matic Plus gas shocks with poly bushings
* 5 leaf mid eye drop springs with heavy duty polyurethane shackle kit
* Global West subframe connectors
* 4 wheel disc brakes, stock front, Ultrastang Lincoln Mark VII rears (in progress)
* stainless steel brake lines and hoses
* Export Brace (Monte Carlo Bar later)
* 1 Addco front sway bar
* 3/4 Addco rear sway bar
* Traction Master traction bars


* 302 :(
* Holley Street Dominator intake, Holley 600cfm carb :rolleyes:
* Paxton SN60 supercharger (in progress) :nice:
* Stainless steel fuel lines
* Heddman shorty headers, 2.5" custom exhaust, X-pipe, Dynomax turbo mufflers
* AOD Transmission - stock :nonono: with homemade mounting bracket and Lokar TV cable
* Sanden compressor, 134a
* original 9 inch rear with 3.0 gears
* 3 core heavy duty radiator
* 2700 CFM electric fan with adjustable thermostat
* Pertronix Ignitor & coil


* New quarters, wheel housings, and rear valence
* ALL RUST REMOVED! POR15 full chasis, floors, trunk, engine compartment, and every damn other place we could spray and brush!
* New weatherstripping everywhere
* New windshield
* 1970 Mach 1 trim, hood scoop, cladding, sportlamps, pop open gas cap, etc.
* Black Mach 1 stripes (in progress)
* Front spoiler and rear wing (original)
* Lots of new chrome, still need lots more
* Hallogen headlights with relays
* Bright Gold metalic base coat/clear coat (Maaco did pretty good, but ask for the whole story)
* 15 x 7 1996 Mustang V6 machined aluminum wheels (temporary)
* 215/65/15 something or anothers
* exhaust tips hidden
* Dixco hood tach (in progress)


* Black Mach 1 interior with new headliner, dashpad, rear upholstery, and carpet (still need door panels)
* Front seats still undecided... (it was gonna be Fiero seats, then modified stock, then late model, then Recaros, now???) :bang:
* 3 point front seat belts (in progress)
* Stock guages with Dixco hood tach
* a/c
* remote driver and passenger sideview mirrors
* lighted rearview mirror
* original console modified with cup holder (it's really pretty slick)
* intermittent wipers with high speed wiper motor conversion
* remote electric locks
* remote electric trunk release
* cabled hood lock/release
* power antenna in stock location
* security system
* tilt steering column
* Lecarra (Shelby) 3 spoke wood steering wheel
* Aiwa indash CD/MP3 player in progress
* Alarm system with magnetic kill switch

Cost: approx. $15K, including original purchase price, 2 motors, 3 sets of wheels, and everything we've done in the last 3 years. and all the "in progress" stuff.

Performance: no numbers yet (or probably any time soon :rolleyes: )

What is left:
* 3.89 limited slip
* '03 Mach 1 heritage wheels
* door panels
* driving the living crap out it, everywhere, all the damn time. I'm gonna drive it 'til it breaks, then fix it and drive it some more! :banana:
my money pit

I am in about $34,000. For the money I put in, I probably could have got a pedigreed Boss 302 but at least I have a car that is new and hauls ass. The dyno says 370 rear wheel hp. I can deal with that

1969 Mach I Purchase price = $13,500
Global West stage 5 suspension = $6,893
* Tubular upper control arms
* Tubular lower control arms
* New springs, sub-frames, jacking rails, sway bar, monte carlo bar
* Koni adjustable shocks front and rear
* new rear leaf springs with Del-alum bushings (just these were $800+)
* Willwood disk brakes front and rear
* new spindles
* vintage 45 16x8 wheels
Labor to install the above= $1800
Toyo Proxis T1-S = $623
Rebuild the engine and other odds and ends= $8000
* hot tank the block, regrind the crank, hone, polish, new freeze plugs,etc
* new custom grind crower cam
* new Eagle forged I beam rods
* new Wiseco forged flat top pistons
* new Comp cams pro magnum roller rockers
* new Edelbrock Torker II intake
* new Edelbrock RPM Performer cyl. heads
* new Hooker ceramic coated long tubes
* new Custom torque converter
* new BM Racing shift improver
* new double roller timing chain
* new holley 650 double pumper
* new battery
* new three row alum radiator
* new B-cool transmission cooler
* new stainless steel X exhaust with new mufflers and angle cut tips.
TCP manual Rack & Pinion = $1300
TCP Motor mounts = $210
TCP Pedal covers = $60
Grant collector's edition steering wheel (1170) = $180
Andover 3 point harness = $192

I am sure that I am forgetting something but this is the most of it.

Next up is a JME brushed alum instrument cluster with autometers as well as brushed alum door and dash inserts (available later this year or sometime next year, according to Julio Mayen, Mr. JME himself).
*White Clear Coat paint with Shelby style blue stripes.
*Hood Scoop
*American Racing Torq Thrust-Ds, 15x8
*BF Goodrich Radials (205/60/15 front, 225/60/15 rear)

*Mustang Floor Mats
*Grant GT Steering Wheel
*New Instrument Panel, Dash, Package Tray

*Alpine CDA-9508 Head Unit
*2 MBQuart 5.25s
*2 MBQuart 6x9s
*Alpine F450 5Channel Amp
*2 Alpine Type-S 12" Subs
*1.2 Farad Cap

*Engine Swap (66 289- 83 302HO)
*Edelbrock Performer RPM Hydraulic Cam and Lifters
(224/234 @ .050, .496/.520 lift, 112 LSA)
*Edelbrock Valve Springs, Retainers, Stem Locks
*Double Roller Timing Chain
*Stock heads heavily Ported and Polished by PO
*Flex Fan
*3+ Row Radiator, fan shroud and 180stat
*100 Amp Alternator

*Edelbrock Performer RPM Air-Gap Intake
*Edelbrock Performer 600cfm Carb (vac 2ndaries)
*K&N Airfilter

*MSD 6AL Ignition Controller
*MSD Blaster2 Ignition Coil
*FMS Cap and Rotor
*FMS 9mm Wires (blue)

Transmission, Driveline
*B&M Transpak Shift Kit

*Full 2.5 Dual Exhaust
*Hooker Competition Headers
*O/R H-Pipe
*2-Chamber 40-Flowmasters
*Chrome Slant Cut-Exhuast Tips

Suspension, Steering, Brakes
*Shelby Drop
*620# Coil Springs
*5-Leaf Springs
*KYB Gas-A-Just Shocks
*1 1/8" Front Sway Bar
*3/4" Rear Sway Bar
*Polyurethane Bushings
*Stock Drums
*Rebuilt Steering
Here's mine...

Chassis/ Suspension
Lowered A-arms
Upper and Lower Control Arms
KYB shocks
620lb 1" lower springs
5 leaf mid-eye leafs
1" Addco front sway bar
Moog tie-rods and idler arm
twice rebuilt PS control valve
Rebuilt 4-wheel drums :(
Somewhere in the $1000 range

'79 302
351 heads
Weiand intake
600cfm edelbrock
Comp Double roller timing chain
HV oil pump
7qt Canton pan
salvage sourced serpentine setup
130a 3G alt
Later model PMGR starter
Pertronix Igniter
Hooker Comp headers (believed to be for 351)
8" with 3.00 gears
sanden compressor (currently $280 pulley)
17" flex-a-lite fan
4 core brass radiator
Somewhere in the $1000 range

Many washes and waxes :)
Dark Blue Metallic paint- PO applied, now cracking off :bang:
Headlight relays
Front spoiler
Rear spoiler
Window Slats
16x8 V48 wheels- painted Argent Silver (by me)
245/50/16 Bridgestone RE750 tires
Around $1400, mostly for the wheels and tires

Stock '70 stang acoutraments
Center console currently removed
Sunpro tach on the column
3 point seat belts (with the shoulder belt secured safely above the door with custom mounts)
About 70$ here

Tools purchased to work on car/s
Ummmm, pleading the 5th on this one

Future Plans
Chassis: Brainstorming bolt in 3-link or custom panhard bar and sway bar. Caltracks, and maybe a coilover setup later one.
Driveline: 331 with AFR 185s, 174XE or 184XE cam, either Kinsler or KenneBell. Either built AOD or G-Force T-5. Alluminum driveshaft into 9" rear with 3.27-3.73 gears. Baer 12" sport kit front, disk rears. Subframe connectors.
Exterior: Dark Metallic Blue paint (either Guardsmen or similar color). Cutomized Gloss Black '69 Boss stripes (SWEDE 302). Possibly shelby tails or at least sequential lights. Hood induction depends on motor build requirements.
Interior: Scat Rally 2000 seats, custom center console, 4 point roll bar with 4/5 pt. harnasses. Custom bezel/guages?

I'm not sure I want to know how much it's gonna be in the end.

THe Swede


Ill just do current form.

6-71 blower kid 3300.00
Scoop 350.00
Injection 4500
block 1700
machine work 600
pistons 600
cam 250
lifters 200
stroker kit 1800
heads 1250.00
elec water pump 350
alum radiator 300
fans 300
Art Car tranny 2400
rear end 1300
suspension mods 500
roll bar 600
interior 1500
paint 5000
paint supplies 1000
rims 2400
car (16yrs ago) 3300.00
ignition 600
fuel system 1000
granada swap 500
prob a bunch of stuff I didnt think of.

Future mods (in the process)
T70 turbo
headers (hopefully just modified ones by me)
tubing for turbos (me)
water/alky injection
5.0efi (1992 Takeoff, wiring custom)
TFS track heat intake
80mm mass air (Pro-M)
75mm TB (AccuFab)
EGR eliminator
Cold air (custom made)
exhaust redone
30# injectors (then 60's or 72's when turbo installs)
Pro-M remote optimizer (so I can do little adjustments)
misc crap that I dont know