Exact Dates of Mustang Round-Up?

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viperos said:
thnx, exactly what I was looking for... thnx cory.

-I'll try hard to get those days off... but I have a freaking ton to do before that date!! sterio, intake, suspension, interior/exterior, wheels, blower :D (yeah, I wish) man, not..... enough...... time!!!

Cool...funny, cause when that list is complete, you'll already have another one started, and on it goes.

There are alot of North end people that I dont know, so please look for us or vise versa so I can put a name with a face..tks
saleenster said:
Sounds like its time to switch to an Aluminum driveshaft.
that's the problem... i don't know which one to get or where to get it from...

i have an auto with IRS... this is BS!

wonder if i could get a regular GT driveshaft and switch the slip yokes... :shrug: