Exhaust Gurgling Sound?????


New Member
Jun 8, 2004
Ontario, Canada
Well I just got a 2000 V6 a couple weeks ago, and I noticed it makes a gurgling/bubbling sound at idle and get louder when revved.

Is this normal for these cars?

Fortunately I still have 2 years on the Ford ESP warranty so almost everything is covered LOL :nice:

Thanks Folks

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thats what we call horsepower... no when it slows down the fuel flow is still a little high actually giving the engine too much fuel hence the gurgling sound
oh and by the way, your ford ESP is now voided with your new exhaust, at least your entire emissions area and anything to do with your exhaust...along with anything else they can claim was broken by your exhaust....like this one guys CD player ford blamed flowmasters.....:nonono:
well are you completly sure its stock, car dealers, take in anything nowadays as long as it passes emish.

If it is stock, and you have gurgeling, popping nosie it could be a problem, does it fast pop as your accelarating? if so, sounds like a valve-fire problem. bad wires-plugs-cap or rotor, if it does it only on start of accelaration, sounds like the timing may be off.