Exhaust help!


Oct 26, 2009
Hey, I have a quick question for you all. I'm looking to get my girlfriend a new exhaust for her birthday, she has a 2000 GT, and I was curious what you guys recommended that sounds good. I don't want to drop a fortune on it, her car has a LOT of miles (it's held up good though, like all Mustangs) so I don't want an exhaust that doubles the value of the car, maybe just like a simple change in mufflers and tips. Let me know what you guys think I should go with! Thanks!
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i have the stock cat back with super 40 flow's welded in..it sounded ' good ' with that set up...i added a slp catted x and its pretty damn good. it gets alot of compliments.
considering the amount of miles you say it has..depending on where you live, and if thats the stock exhaust system on the car, you may find that you will need to replace the whole catback as it could have rusted out.

when i replaced my system i am glad i was replacing the whole catback because when i got under the car the mufflers practically fell off due to severe rusting. take a look under the car and make a diagnosis
If your on a budget and want good sound and quality without paying that $500 catback price and $400 x-pipe price than.....

Have 2 chamber flowmasters welded in. I think around $150-$200 for mufflers and labor/welding and get a VRS/UPR or Pypes X-pipe. All 3 are priced cheaper than the competition. They all 3 make off-road x-pipes or catted x-pipes.

+1 on the possible rust out. how bad is it (assuming its the stock catback)?

weld-ins are the cheapest solution for some sound. mid pipes usually start around $165 (un catted) new. if you are considering full exhaust, mac is hard to beat for the price - and sounds awesome imo.

best price ive found is here: MAC Cat Back Muffler Exhaust 96-04 GT Mustang 2.5" w/ 3" Polished Tips TK9624


fyi: i got my pypes STAINLESS o/r x pipe for $163 shipped! although i have mixed feelings about it. its leaky :mad:
Just got her to check under her car. Her car is all stock, so it was the stock exhaust. Well...was the stock exhaust. I guess it looks terrible under the car. Thanks to joshjwc9 for the find on the edelbrock exhaust. I couldn't find any sound clips, but I have their nitrous kit on my Mustang and the quality is really really good, so I'm sure their exhaust is great, especially at that price. Thanks everybody for your help!
My only change to the exhaust was an offroad H pipe. To me, it sounds great. I think ford did their homework when they designed the mufflers, so the OR H-pipe just makes it a bit louder and more aggressive. Plus, it is worth 10-15hp. To me, that was too many benefits for under 150$.
Here is a clip of a stock muffler/ OR H-pipe combo: YouTube - 2001 Bullitt Mustang Hard Takeoff with a Mac O/R H & Stock Bullitt Mufflers
It isn't too loud, and unlike most other exhaust systems, it doesn't drone! :)

Here is mine, with an OR H and stock mufflers: http://i492.photobucket.com/albums/rr286/bhuff66062/P1030445.jpg
Here is a cheap alternative to replacing the whole catback. Edelbrock's catback is dirt cheap right now at their website!!

5649: Exhaust system kit for 1999-04 Ford Mustang

Not bad price but aluminized. For $359 shipped call ******************** and ask for forum price for Mangnaflow Stainless Steel CB. The Catted X was $429 shiped. If you get snow and ice and they put down salt you do not want aluminized.