Export Brace Questions.


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Jan 27, 2016
1. So I notice that there are two different export braces for Mustangs. I'd call one the regular brace and the other the Shelby brace. I noticed the Shelby brace has 4 evenly spaced holes where it bolts into the firewall and the regular brace also has 4 holes but just not evenly spaced.
Is one stronger or better than the other in this regard? I wouldn't think so but had to ask...

2. Are there export braces that are thicker material with deeper reinforcing bends in them than others? If so who makes them?

3. I have a couple of export braces (one chrome & one black) that came with a project car that I just got and when I laid them over each other to compare their dimensions I noticed that the chrome brace has a longer overall length on the arms that tie into the top of the shock towers than the black export brace. I'd really have to muscle the chrome brace into place to use it. However - the flimsy stock factory 2 piece braces fit just fine between the firewall mounting location and the top of the shock towers so it would seem that nothing is out of whack dimensionally.
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The 65 Shelby had the even spaced holes at the cowl ,the 66 up had the same hole pattern as the factory braces .
You want the heavy best made brace ,the cheap one is flimsy and does not fit well at all .National Parts Depot and Mustangs Unlimited both carry the heavier bar .
I would use the one they call, best .It is the most expensive ,but it is ...the best . The cheap bar is not stamped with tight lines and they are very flimsy .The best bar is much heavier gauge metal and crisp tight stamping .
If you had the two bars side by side you would instantly see the difference .this is what the best bar should look like