SOLD F/s Autometer Boost Gauge

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Brand new, 2 1/16" Autometer SportComp (decided to go with vac/boost-once AGAIN, my stupidity is your gain)
Includes brand new never used tubing and associated hardware, brackets and light (everything needed to hook up)

$50 shipped

This is a STEAL, hate return hassle, just paid $63.00 coupla weeks back from Jegs

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You would think!! :shrug: I have this on 4 forums and NOBODY, think it is to good and people may think something wrong, but this is jam up. The ONLY reason why I am selling is when I had car tuned it put down 9 psi boost, well that is near bottom of this gage, I bought ANOTHER one that goes to 20 psi so I can see boost easier and with a vacuum. This is NEW, car has not even been on the street yet. And I don't do paypal, I mail to you when you get it, send me a money order.. I have sold ALOT of stuff and haven't been ripped off yet!! Have a great day speed and thanks!! :)
Yea but how can they lose??, I send it to them first, sucks the world is the way it is..I still believe a hand shake seals a deal!!
I don't need the money, I can just keep as a spare, just like to see other Ford heads get use out of something, hell I had a ProCharger pulley for sale, finally I just GAVE it to the tuner.

Dude just checked and bookmarked your website...I love mustard and especially exotic s**t.
Will go great with my smoked deer sausage.
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