For Sale 1989 LX Notch 410ci 85mm turbo 8 pt cage 9" rear end

1989 Ford Mustang LX Notchback
1969 351W Block Bored 4.040" Line Honed, Decked, Mag Checked
Eagle 4340 Forged Crankshaft 4.000" Stroke 3.000" Windsor Main
Eagle 6.200" Forged H-Beam Rods
SRP 4032 -28cc 4.040" Pistons
The rotating assembly was purchased from CNCMotorsports in South Dakota. I paid them to balance it.
Short block was machined and assembled by Wagamon Bros. in Columbia Heights, MN. They own a small town circle track, are family run, and the builder is a SBF owner himself.
FTI "Ed Curtis" 5160 Billet Roller Camshaft Lift: .381/.375 - 1.6 Lift: .610/.600 - Duration @ .50 236*/241* - 115* lobe sep.
FTI Cam Retainer Plate
Rollmaster Billet Timing Chain / Gears
SVE 205cc / 58cc Aluminum Heads (Yes this is correct. They were developing these and decided not to put them on the website. I bought them from their ebay store and can show screenshots)
Cometic 4.155" .075" MLS-5 Headgasket C5515-075
Trickflow Roller Rockers 1.6 Ratio
Trickflow Linked Roller Lifters
CompCams Hi-Tech 3/8" Rocker Studs
Manley 25231 7.6" x .120" wall 5/16" 4130 Chromoly Pushrods
CompCams Adjustable Hardened Guide Plates
Fel-Pro Rubber Valve Cover Gasket / Oil Pan Gasket
ARP 1547901 Oil Pump Shaft
Flowtech Industries SBF Forward Headers
LMR 2.5" Stainless Muffler Back Semi-polished Exhaust Pipe
Stainless 304L 3" Turbo Crossover / Inlet
Stainless 304L 4" Downpipe
3" Intercooler / Cold Side Piping
95mm Accufab Throttle Body
Mishimoto 24x12x4 Intercooler
Holley 351W Hi-Ram Intake Manifold / Fuel Rails / Fabricated Plenum Top
VS Racing Turbo VSRX85S32 85mm / 102mm T6 1.32 A/R
Holley Hi-Ram Intake Manifold
Holley Hi-Ram 351w Fabricated 95mm Ford Side Mount Top
Low Doller 3 Bar MAP Sensor / Oil Pressure Sensor / Wastegate Dome Pressure Sensor / Fuel Pressure Sensor
Aeromotive 13129 Fuel Pressure Regulator
Holley 12-1200 Inline Billet Fuel Pump 130GPH
Davies Craig Water Pump Plate
Davies Craig EWP150 Electric Water Pump Remote Kit
Canton Tstat Outlet
CVF Racing Crankshaft Pulley, Alternator Pullies
CVF Racing Alternator Bracket
Ford Racing Balancer (Engine Balanced Internally)
CVF SBF Fabricated Valve Covers
LMR 3G alternator
Holley Terminator X Foxbody Kit
8 Point Chromoly Rollcage
QA1 K-Member
QA1 Front Control Arms
QA1 Front And Rear Coilovers
LMR Caster/Camber Plates
Rear Torque Boxes Welded
9" Rear End With 4.10 Richmond
Ford Motorsports Racing Zero Balance Billet Steel Fywheel
Spec Stage 3 Clutch
T-5 With Output Shaft Plate Upgrade And Steel Front Bearing Retainer
Moroso Solid Transmission Mount
LMR Solid Engine Mounts
CO2 Tank With MAC Valves For Boost Control
Lokar Throttle Cable / Ebrake Cables
2 Gauge Battery Cable Ran To Trunk
ARP Hardware Used On All Critical Components

For engine to fire the following must be completed:
Buy distributor
Buy fuel injectors
Finish fuel line routing from fuel rails / fuel pressure regulator to the tank
Finish exhaust manifold collector to turbo inlet (I have an 45 and 90 and some 3" 304L left over to finish it, you just need a welder)
Finish downpipe, it is currently routed along passenger side valve cover, down the firewall and stops just past the starter. It is a tight fit but should work well and it's still 4"!
Wait for Holley Terminator X from cncmotorsports, purchased April 25th and still waiting. As you may know Holley has been backordered for a long time due to computer chip shortage.

For car to drive down the road the following must be completed:
Brake line routing from master cylinder to front calipers (I have 3an stainless braided lines I had made from my measurments by a place online that does only hoses but for the life of me I cannot remember what it was)
Buy driveshaft (I have a factory shaft that is included but it does not match the rear end)
Ebrake cable installed (Nice Lokar unit included with sale)

I bought the car as a roller to start this build. 9" rear end, all suspension, 2" square tube subframe connectors, torque boxes welded, and roll cage were completed already.
Every part from there on out has been purchased new. The body is a great shape in my opinion. The strut towers are solid.
The front bumper has paint chipping, overall the paint is good, but for a show quality car you would want to repaint it.
The interior is gutted. I have a pair of Jegs aluminum seats I was just starting to install. I do have the dash and wiring harness.
All glass is good. The doors shut spectacularly with that foxbody door sound.
Billet Specialties wheels are new but need a quick polish as they've collected dust. Front tires are new, rear tires have an old manufacturer date and I reccomend replacing them (after you burn them to the cords of course)
The 2" cowl hood will need to be cut out or replaced with a 4" cowl to clear the Holley hi-ram unfortunately.

It sickens me to think I'm willing/have to sell this. This has been a dream to build for the last few years. Personal circumstances forces sale.
I started calculating what I have paid...I stopped calculating at $20,000. Please don't tell my wife.
That will be the price of the car... $20,000. Not $19,900. $20k
The title was transferred 8/21/21 as I forgot to do it when I bought it 9/30/19. So you will get the title and the Holley Teminator X shipped or dropped off locally when I receive them.
The car is SOLD AS-IS and located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


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