Failed Pa Emissions


Jul 20, 2005
Well I failed the sniffer test. 1992 5.0 LX

CO= 0.00 ///Limit is 1.10

HC= 370 //Limit is 275

NO= 6970 //Limit is 3600

I put the stock H pipe on.

Only codes I am throwing was a 41/91. which goes away when i remove and plug the vacuum line that goes to the FPR

The guy said when I bring the car back he told me to do some tricks but im not sure how they would work

he said to drive the car and make it hot, pull out the spout connector and run premium fuel. The car has barely been driven at all since the end of september. Maybe a couple miles at most.

I have never touched the timing on this car

So is this what I have to do to try to get it to pass.

any other known helpful hints
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Hmm, you said you barely drove it since September.
If your under 5000 miles, your exempt from the test. But you still have to pay for the sticker, which is usually half the cost.
But depending on where you live, will depend on the testing your required.
Here is a link to find out.
In my county I only require a visual inspection and gas cap check.
Good luck.
I drove quite a bit from my last inspection back in 2008 from when it got parked in 2009. so it was over 5000 miles.

the fuel pressure is at 40 with out vacuum
Cant i just remove the spout and run it like that. so it stays at the base timing through the whole test.

timing did get checked and with spout out it is 10*

Maybe run some a little menthyl hydrate with the fuel??