Fastest N/A 99up 2v stang in RI

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25thmustang said:
My friends knew a guy in MA with a NA GT going 13.0 with exhaust and gears, but I think he sold ot recently! Im sure there are 12 second guys, seeing as Dez, MPE and tons of other places are around there!

I hope so. Would like to see guys run N/A
My sig has been updated. Time corrected to a 13.000 so the way the car sits could run 12s in oct. Stock gears still in car :spot:
Rick99gt said:
:nice: nice run

Wayne what kind of lower control arms do you have , thinking about getting some? Aslo did you end up cutting your springs?
after your last trip and you pulling a 2.66 on a 60' and still getting a 13.4 got me thinking about getting some lowers control arms

Rick C

Thanks Rick

I have UPR solid lowers. Not what you would call street friendly. Yes I cut my springs I wanted the 4cyl front springs and bullitts for the back (no $), which I still will get down the line. I had to do something if I wanted to race my car so I cut my stock springs. with the weight off the car, the car sat really high and through off the control arm angles(part of wy I had bad wheel hop).

If you got the cash go with HPM lowers. They are the best out there IMO. other then them if I was you id get steeda hardcore.

Im getting 13.4s with crappy 60fts. because my car is a 13.0 hi 12 sec car. Im only launching at 2500 rpms. All the time, even the 1.93 was a 2500rpms launch. If I wanted to Im sure I could of pulled 1.8s last sunday. But im a woosy when it comes to my stock rearend right now. the LCAs do help on hooking 2nd gear though.