Feb Mustang sales are best since June 05


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Dec 11, 2002
After 7 consecutive months of weak sales, the Mustang finally showed a bit of a sales rebound in February 06.

But with 13,367 units sold in Feb 06, it was still a 5% decline from the 14,050 Stangs that were sold in Feb 05.

The Feb 06 sales # should be of concern to Ford. Last year there was a genuine inventory shortage of Mustangs. This year there appears to be plenty of Mustangs in inventory on dealer lots. In fact, with the 07 Mustang only a few months away there are still 2005 Mustangs sitting on dealer lots. Ford has quietly put $2,000 of dealer cash on these leftover 05 Mustangs to try to clear them out.

It's a crying shame that many dealers are still asking above sticker markups on Mustangs while Ford has now had to resort to incentives to clear out old Mustang inventory.
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maxima said:
hmm maybe its a really good time to get a stang. if there declining in sales than why are people waiting 7 weeks for them?
if you dont see what you want on the lot, you can special order one. then ford builds the car you ordered.