Finally got some new wheels! Lots of pics (56k no way)


Dec 26, 2004
Finally got my new Boyd Coddington Junkyard Dogs. I ordered them from Top notch customer service! The fronts are 17x7 with 4.5in backspacing wrapped in 215/45R17 BFGoodrich G-Force T/A KDW2's. The rears are 17x8 with 5.5 inch backspacing wrapped in 245/40R17's. Now, on to the pics!










That is all:)
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Nice looking...

Lots of opinions about goin for oversize rims on classics, IMO I think they look great. Not stock but not too big, one question where did you get that dovetail style setup on the back. I've seen them around but not sure I've ever seen it in a catalog or anything...
Dude that is the stance I need. I did the Foose Nitrous II and have 620 uncut with 1 inch drop on the front and have a stock style gap. What is your setup and do you get any rub on the front? Seems like at full turn you would hit the inner fender lip? Nice ride!!!!
Exactly the wheels I was planning to use on my 67. Your car confirms that they'll look great.

Did you get custom backspacing on the rears? Newstallgia used to show many more options on their website for the JYD including custom backspacing and wider sizes but they disappeared recently. I'm looking for a 17x10 with about 7.5-8" bs to fit my IRS.
Thanks for all the compliments guys!

I'll try to answer some of the questions:

The spoiler is a California Special style decklid, it's by Maier Racing. It had a horrible fit and took alot of work to make it look OK. It still doesn't fit perfect, but it's not horrible so I'm over it:)

My front suspension is the 620 drop coils, I think I cut about three quarters of a coil off of them. My upper control arms are also mounted 1-3/4in lower than stock.

As for rubbing the fenders, the fronts only slightly rub on a full lock turn if I'm going over a bump. But the inner fenders arent completely rolled. I'm going to take the fenders off and cut off the inner lip so theres no interference. I'm running pretty excessive negative camber in the front which helps with the clearance, but it's going to eat my tires fast which is why I want to cut out the inner lip so I can get it properly aligned.

The rears were indeed a custom offset. They fit perfect and don't rub at all. The inner fenders are rolled in the back.

The aluminum e-brake handle was something my dad custom made 10 years ago when he used to drive the car. He made it from a solid piece of aluminum.
danewers, nice rims love the way your car looks

Harndog, do you happen to have a pic of your car with the Foose Nitrous II. would like to see how they look, would they happen to be chrome or anthrecite. thanks.
The are Chrome but Still getting car together will try and get a pic up this weekend. I have some but they are not real good and the stance is horrible. It is getting better as I get more weight on the front. Going to see how it looks with the hood on and go from there on the cut.