I finally got my wheels mounted!!! (pics inside)


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Jun 14, 2003
Manitoba, Canada
i finally got a chance last week to mount my tires on to my bullitts. i bought the rims that were only used for about a week and i bought some 245 nitto 555's that i found locally from a person who mounted them on some wheels and couldnt use them because thery were to wide. so he decided to sell them for a great price.

i think it looks alot better then the stockers but i need some better looking lug nuts.

pics are not that great because of the crappy rainy weather and the car was pretty dirty but looks alot cleaner in the pics

let me know what you think.



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Rrich said:
looks good, but with the body kit, 18's would have looked awsome
yea i agree.......but i DEFINATELY think that teh anthracite bullits are sick man, so i'd get them in 18x9 in teh front and 18x10's in the back with some 315's....they would look good with a stock body kit, but with the xenon kit, you just needa go bigger....lookin great tho.....what a difference :nice:
thanks guys.

18's would be nice but these came along and the price was right too.

if i had to do it again i would have no body kit and put my 2 inch lowering springs back on.

cobra emblem, mustang gt rear bumper....one of them has to go!
(preferably the fake snake!)

actually its going to be the rear bumper and new snakes facing the correct direction (thanks to the previous owner)

why you ask?? because thats the way i want my car to look and i'm happy with that.