finally installed


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Dec 31, 1969
after some busted bleeding throbing fingers 2 broken 1/2 drive ratchets and a headache from the ratchet smacking me in the head. My notch finally has a 3:73 in it now justa have to wait for break in. it wasnt bad other than that freakin crush sleeve. the only thing thats worse is that the information book said that the sleeve would crush at 300 to 400 ft lbs but although may may require patience. Any ways look forward to seeing what shell do in a few more miles.
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Between BigE37172's join date and Un©ommon's "©", there is a lot of stuff going on in this thread that I didn't think was possible. :scratch:

I agree with Tanus, the first rear end swap is the hardest. That crush sleeve takes a little practice.