Finally.. New Silverstar foglight?


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Apr 11, 2002
Jacksonville, FL
I've found some things on the web that show a Silverstar 880 - 27W Foglight bulb that says it replaces the 893 and 899 bulbs that people had been using for our cars. I know they had been blowing almost monthly, so Sylvania pulled them.

Anyone know anything about these 880 bulbs?
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One of my Silverstar 893's burned out tonight after 2 months.

I don';t want to buy another set of 893's if they are gonna burn out again.

The thing is, the 893's are 38Watt bulbs and the 880's are 20watt
Well, there are no pairs on EBay right now and i'm not spending $24 for 1 bulb from Sylvania.

ANy other good WHUTE fog light bulbs similar to silverstars that won't burn out?

I drive around with my fogs on all the time, so i want a nice white light
I bought the Silverstar fog lights a year ago and they only lasted a month before they blew. I called Sylvania and they said they had a manufacturing defect and they were trying to fix it. They'd either refund my money (I bought it online through Sylvania) or they'd ship me a new set for free once they fixed the problem in 6 weeks. 6 weeks came and went, I called again, they said another 6 weeks. So I asked for my money back.

I kinda figured they'd have that problem fixed by now??? But lower wattage? That sounds like crap.
I've been using the 880 fogs for about one month now. Never had the 893's so I can't comment if the 880s are a lot dimmer (I assume they are with that wattage drop). I have the Silverstar headlights and turns so I wanted everything to match. So far so good :shrug:
Wow, back from the dead... lol

I've been running the 880s now for about the last 3 months. No problems and they're still a good bit brighter than stock with the clear housings. I imagine the 893s are brighter still, but God only knows when they're going to be fixed so they don't blow all the time. I didn't feel like waiting.
My car came from the factory with bulbs marked 899. Others on this site have had 893s. The manual says 880. I went with the 893s. The car should be fine handling the slightly bigger bulb.

I have had them since the end of July. I do not drive the car a lot at night and do not always use the fogs when I do drive at night. HOWEVER when I do, they work awesome (especially with the diamond clear lenses).

No complaints.
Are these the same bulbs they sell at Wal Mart? IVe seen the headlights there but not sure if they carry the fog lights! Also If you want a really bright fog light get some of the ultra clear fog light housing. I love mine,even w/ the stock bulbs. Heres a pic


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Ah, 880 it is. I'm gonna have to pick those up since I bought the headlight bulbs. Didn't really notice a difference until I took the car out for a test through the dark Vegas backroads. I like 'em. Where did you guys get those diamond clear lenses and for how much?
Well, i searched all over today and could not find any 893 bulbs.

I did find a pep boys that had one 880 bulb. If they had two, i would have bought them, but what am i gonna do with one 893 and one 880??

I would put the stockers back, but they are so yellow compared to my Silverstar 9007 headlights that it looks like ass. SO for now, i'm driving around with 1 foglight on. :(

Oh FYI, the stock bulb that i pulled out of my foglight was an 899, which i beleive is 37.5 watts
Stangrider said:
Where did you guys get those diamond clear lenses and for how much?
I got them from for $80 shipped. Wasnt going to bu them but my stockers got real dirty all of a sudden,and The light was really faint. But im glad I bought them now!