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Jennifer6525 said:
I just picked up my car about an hour ago and it is beeeutiful! I'm trying to relax but I dont think I have stopped shaking since I sat in it at the dealership.(must be new car nerves). I took it out and drove it a little bit but I am scared that someone is going to hit me or a tree is going to fall on it or something LOL. I am sure in a few days I'll get over it (I hope!).I think I am going to take it out of town tomorrow and break it in a little bit.

I do have a question though--I got the active anti-theft system--how do I know that it is enabled and how do I adjust it?

Leave the wiondows down just a bit, hit the lock button twice and the horn should honk. Stick your hand through the window and try to get to the radio.. You should hear something...
Yippe, you got it. I hope you are enoying the drive, you probably got a couple of hundred miles on it by now.

I wish the horn would sound with you set it. I hate have to set it twice to make the horn honk. Is there a way to set a chirp or honk sound for initial set.
My original post was kind of vague so I guess I'll add more here instead of starting a whole new post.

The good:

The car only had nine miles on it when I picked it up

It was the right color and had all the options I ordered

I love how my doors automatically lock when I push on the gas pedal.

The stereo sounds good and I love having a CD player

The bad:

They did not do a very good job cleaning the interior.The doors and the dash had a white chalky residue on them.

Someone drilled holes in the front of the car where a front plate would go.Not a huge deal but I guess I dont understand why the would do that.

The seatbelt is waaaay to far back.It's ok if you are six feet tall but I have to practically dislocate my shoulder reaching for the seatbelt.

I wish I had spent the extra money and gotten the power seat adjustment.

Overall though it is a great car.I cannot beleive that it is actually mine! :banana:
Congrats on your new car, you lucky turkey! :D J/k! I agree with you on the seat belt issue. My left shoulder has a torn muscle or something that won't heal, and that would definetely be a problem if I bought one right now. :(
Anyway, happy trails with the new pony!
I thought the same thing about the seat belt at first until someone told me about the little leather strap at the bottom of the seat. Their is a little strap with a magnet on the end of it at the bottom of the seat. The strap is to hold the seat belt closer. It is made so you can unhook it for someone to get in the back seat.
I had that chalky stuff on the driver's door too, was a pain to get off actually, but eventually I did. Here in CA, it's illegal to drive without a front plate so dealers have to drill those holes. It's annoying, I know, I just bought some dark screws and put them in the holes. I've never gotten a ticket for a front plate violation in the 18 years I've been driving.

Post some pics!
This may sound stupid, and please forgive me if it is. I had the same difficulty when I test drove one, but found that instead of reaching over my shoulder if I just reached back behind me like I was trying to get into my back pocket that I could grab the bottom of the belt instead of the top and pull it forward just fine.

Also, that leather strap thing is new to me, I'll have to check that out too!
I am almost embarassed to show these pictures because they turned out really bad but right now it is all I have.It is cloudy and raining here today so I tried to take the pics with the car in the garage and I also dont have a digital camera so they are kinda grainy.The next sunny day we have I'll get some better ones.

P.S.Try not to laugh too hard at my photography skills :)