Finding exhaust leak


Aug 24, 2004
Ann Arbor, MI
Ok so I seem to have developed some sort of exhaust leak.

The leak only occurs when the car is under load.

It is some sort of ticking sound coming from the passenger side.

The sound is hard to find because it's hot as hell in there.

I don't think it's coming from the headers (BBK E/L w/ supplied gaskets to a BBK O/R X) as I think it would be rather obvious, and I checked the bolts and they seems cool. The only thing I could think of is the connection from the mid-pipe to the header.

Anybody have any similar experiences?

Should I try to fix it myself?

Is their any technique in order locate the leak (ie some sort of smoke)?

What if I took it to a muffler shop, do you think they would get all pissy because of the O/R pipe?

MI has no emissions, however, I am very reluctant to let anyone else handle the car, for peace of mind, of course.

Thanks for any and all input!
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I heard that you can buy gaskets for the exhaxhaust connections. Has anyone ever done this, as I know when combining unalike brands some fitment issues have come up (I had to slave over fitting my BBK X to the Flows cat back, I fooled around with it for like 4+ hours and had to get a buddy to come help hold things as well)
You can use either a mechanic's stethoscope to pinpoint it, or a fog/smoke machine. It's most likely the header bolts, those are notorious for backing loose, except you said you checked them, so I'm not gonna say for sure.