First Drive


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Apr 11, 2003
I got almost all the bugs i was having worked out today, so i decided to take the car to work. This was my first drive really since it is now back together. All i can say is:jaw: I haven't ran it extremely hard yet... still little leary for I but i will say it has the power it had before, only now its at half throttle. I never thought there would be this big a difference.

I still have a little bit of a searching idle problem, but i will get it figured out. I also have a fluctuation in my fule pressure some how... I set the fule pressure to 38 vacuum off, so i tighten the reg back down etc., and when i looked at the gauge after the car warmed up i had almost 40 PSI with the vacuum line hooked up... What would cause this?

I also seem to have a torn motor mount.... go figure, it was still a blast to drive even with all these little issues. .... a vid will be put up in here by tomm.


P.S. thanks to Grady, Killer, Vib, synned sp?, bjlmustang95, Hissin50 and anyone else who i may have left out on here for any imput...:SNSign:
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Jason, glad to hear it is comin along nicely. :nice:

On the FP, how is your vac signal to the reg? Is there any chance the vac is not reaching the FPR? Otherwise, I cant think of why the idle pressure exceeds the sim'd WOT setting. A vac issue could play into an idle issue too.

Anyhow, good luck with the finishing touches!
Thanks man.... i know i don't have a leak, cause i ran ALL new lines today and put clmaps at every connection before reinstalling the intake, The regulator on the car is a Paxton, i have a kirban i am putting on, i am thinking the paxton is messing me up b/c it is for boost. but thats only a guess

Drove it around some more this morning, as this thing learns it is getting better.. it is an absolute dream to drive... power wise... did a few WOT runs.. and the speedo moves almost as fast as the

working on an idle vid :nice: